How to wind up likes on Instagram for free?

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free instagram likesThe number of likes determines the popularity of not only an individual post, but the entire blog. It is predictable that many bloggers are thinking about how to quickly increase not only the number of subscribers, but also the number of approving comments. Today this can be done in several ways on how to get free instagram likes.

The first option is to use special stop words in hashtags. If you enter the following, you can get several hundred likes. True, this method cannot be called the most effective. As a rule, likes are given randomly and in small quantities. If you want to go into monetization, then this simply cannot be done.

The second solution is to use special wrapping services. You can work here for free and at some cost. In any case, the investment will be minimal. The user does not have to spend too much.

How to use the cheat service for free?

The easiest way is to deposit 10-100$ and just buy likes. In a few minutes, the required number of liked publications will be collected on the specified post. You can set the settings for which likes will not go instantly, but with frequency. This will help to divert the attention of the security service and not get blocked.

An alternative method is to accumulate points. On these cheat services, you can earn so-called points. These points are awarded for performing some actions. For example, a user can like and comment on a post or make some kind of repost and get a reward in the form of several points for this. These points are accumulated on the account, in the future they can be spent on buying likes for your account.

When buying likes, it is worth remembering certain limits. Any account can be blacklisted. It is good if the restrictions only affect the blocking for one or two days. Some Instagram profiles are blocked once and for all, and the blogger himself loses all his content and all followers.

It is worth remembering that new accounts are under special supervision. You can put and collect no more than 20 likes per hour. If the amount of posts you liked is more, the security service will certainly start studying the profile and identify the cheat method without any problems. Professionals act competently. First, a promotion plan is developed, and only then the budget is determined.


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