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Is Peter Leek a genius photographer or a simple entrepreneur?

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peter lik styleAt the moment, the conditional list of the highest paid photographers is headed by Peter Lick. His landscape photographs are presented at numerous exhibitions in various parts of the world.

Peter's success

At the end of 2014, Peter told about the sale of his picture "Phantom" to one of the private collectors. According to him, this was the photographer's most successful deal, as the photo was worth $ 6.5 million. The same collector bought two more frames from peter lik style, which were called "Illusion" and "Eternal Moods." For these pictures, the photographer received a total of $ 3.5 million.

Although the only confirmation of Lik's transactions is the testimony of lawyers during the transactions, the landscape painter can be considered the best-selling master among art photographers.

Image "Phantom" was originally colored and had a different name, but later it was presented in monochrome. In the photo, the author captured mysterious rays of light that vaguely resemble a ghost. The shot itself was taken in the northern region of Arizona. Despite the unprecedented success of the sale of this photograph, Peter sold another photograph a little earlier for a rather large sum. Its name is "One". The photo shows autumn trees reflecting on the surface of the water. The author gave the picture exactly this name, since he considered the moment captured in the photo to be unique and unique. The picture itself looks more like a painting than a photograph.

 the photographer has a fairly large enterprise in Las Vegas, where he prints his work. Many famous and influential people collect Peter's photographs, and the New York Times says that the average income of a talented landscape painter is $ 1.6 million a week.

Childhood of a talented landscape painter

Peter Leek was born in Melbourne, Australia. There, for the first time, he felt a connection with nature, as soon as he captured a spider web in a photo that was iridescent with dew drops. This was his first photograph taken with a camera given to him by his parents. As he got older, Peter bought the equipment he needed for taking pictures and went to different parts of the United States for beautiful shots, and preferred to settle in Las Vegas. Lik always shot with many different cameras, always trying something new.

Critics' opinion

The photographer claims that he never processes his own work in various programs. His photographs are so incredible due to the photographer's sense of the moment, thanks to his skills and the correct work with the camera. Lik seeks to share his worldview through his work. However, critics debate whether Leek is really a sensual photographer, or is his main activity in this business - entrepreneurship? Many believe that his staff is just a PR campaign. But Peter has many awards for his own work and achievements, and he calls himself one of the best landscape photographers of the day.


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