Uzbekistan - flavor of the East

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If you like a real, not artificially created flavor of the East with its subtle splendor, Uzbekistan - just for you!

Cuisine in Uzbekistan

Stunning cities with their minarets, celestial domes and noisy, colorful bazaars! Iridescent silk, fabulous carpets, carved graceful decorations! And what a fragrant pilaf, most delicious manty, samsa and cakes, which are literally a work of art! And just imagine - all this in different interpretations in each of the cities of this sunny land. This land is a treasure trove of ancient landmarks and distinctive region with rich heritage! Having arrived in Uzbekistan, you will realize that everything is designed for relaxation. Life is very measured and slow, but it does not immerse you in the "comfortable" sleep, and provide an opportunity to quietly contemplate ... to contemplate and learn! This is the Eastern philosophy. And you will realize that everybody is just like waiting for you, so kind and hospitable are "solar" residents to travelers. An unfamiliar person can invite you to a bowl of tea and a delicious pilaf.

Tourism in Uzbekistan will open for you to not only grandiose mosques, rich palaces, decorated with unique ornaments and ornate streets with shops of artisans, noisy mahallas with scattered adobe houses. Be sure to visit the mountain resorts, they are simply amazing! These beautiful places must necessarily appear in your route. Mountain "juicy" meadows turn into the snowy peaks shimmering in the sun.

Mountain in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan - a country that is famous for its traditions and customs. The hospitality of the Uzbek people is well known all over the world. "Hospitality - above courage" - an old proverb says. And it's not just empty words. To refuse the guest in reception, not to put him at the table, not to treat him - such hospitality was a serious disgrace not only for family, but also for the whole race.

The laws of hospitality survived to our days, becoming a good tradition. If you have never been a guest of the traditional Uzbek family, then you definitely need to visit Uzbekistan and feel all the charm of the hospitality of the Uzbek people.

Tours to Uzbekistan, which can be implemented through this page https://www.people-travels.com/uzbekistan-tours, - is, above all, dive into the history and culture of this sunny country.

Uzbekistan sights

In the cities of Uzbekistan you can see the old quarters, where the architectural appearance and way of life have not changed for centuries. You lose all sense of time and transfer into the oriental fairy tale, where you can walk for hours through a maze of narrow streets and suddenly reach the blooming garden or oriental bazaar.


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